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Ashley Gordon aka DJ AG was involved with music from an early age.  His Dad would often take him into his room and play music on his turntables teaching him about the different genres of music. " I remember being surrounded by loads of records. Greensleeves to Lisa Stansfield, you name it my Dad had it."

DJ AG decided to build a collection of his own.  He would walk to school saving his bus ticket money so that he could go to Our Price in Wood Green to buy the latest singles and albums.  His Mum bought him his first Walkman and portable CD player so that he could listen to music on the go.  " I always enjoyed listening to music, I never thought about being a DJ."

This all changed when his Mum bought him a Homemix system from Index.  This allowed DJ AG to play 2 songs at the same time.  He would practice mixing every day after school placing a speaker outside his window so that his estate could hear the music.  This was a hobby for DJ AG and nothing more.  

DJ AG became alot more active in the music scene once he finished his GCSEs - As a MC.

He chose the name Untitled MC and went on popular underground stations such as Heat Fm and Axe Fm building a reputation as a funny yet thought provoking artist.  

After performing on many stations, releasing 3 mixtapes, countless free EPs and showcasting his talent in many venues such as London Astoria, Ashley decided that it was time to take a break from being an MC.  " I always said to myself that when I lost the passion for making music I would stop until the passion returned."

In 2011, Ashley purchased a midi controller and started to build his music collection again.  Ashley was asked to DJ at a house party in South London.  It was such an amazing night with the people inside partying until the early hours.  After such good feedback, Ashley decided to go back on Axe Fm as a DJ in order to practice and gain some more experience. " I wanted a simple DJ name so I thought my initials would be great."

Pub, Bar, Nightclub & Restaurant Experience 

(Resident & Guest Spots)

  1. ★ BIRD IN HAND (London)

  1. ★ ELIXIR BAR (London)

  2. ★ SILK BAR (London)

  3. ★ WATER MARGIN (London)

  4. ★ KINGS LOUNGE (London)

  5. ★ CHANDOS (London)

  6. ★ THE WINCHESTER (London)

  7. ★ SHILLIBEERS (London)

  8. ★ ALTITUDE (London) 

  9. ★ SMITH & JONES VENUES (Ashford)

  10. ★ ROYAL VICTORIA & BULL (Dartford) 

  11. ★ CC ROOMS (Gravesend)

    1. ★ STATE CLUB, (Biel, Switzerland)

    2. ★ LA COUPOLE (Biel,Switzerland)

"I always look forward to meeting new people and playing music, which my audience enjoy.  I play all genres but specialise in urban music. I am available for private bookings and club nights so please keep me in your thoughts."

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